Eminem homecoming

Eminem’s Daughter,
Hailie Jade Scott,
Named Homecoming Queen
at Michigan High


It’s hard to believe that Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade Scott, is already a senior in high school!

Less surprising, however, is that she’s high school royalty at her Michigan high school—and now it’s official, as the 17-year-old has been named homecoming queen.

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Em’s daughter received the honor last weekend after her peers at Chippewa Valley High School voted for her. Mom Kim was there to support the Hailie, while reports say that dad was behind the scenes as to not take away from Hailie’s moment.

A local newspaper said that parents of Hailie’s friends said described her as “a smart, athletic, and caring young woman.”

Despite his tough image on the outside, Eminem has always been warm with his daughter, who was the subject of “Hailie’s Song” and featured on “I Think My Dad’s Gone Crazy.”