Ellen degeneres pizza oscars

Ellen DeGeneres' Epic
Oscars Pizza Delivery
- All the Details!


Last night, millions of viewers tuned into the Oscars, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres who kindly ordered three boxes of pizza for the hungry celebs in the audience of the 3-hour, live telecast.

And the best part, it was not planned!

Oscars Pizza Ellen DeGeneres

“All of the sudden I see Edgar on TV! I couldn't believe myself, I am like is that Edgar? It was a pleasant surprise,” gushed Wayne Grigorian, Corporate Officer for Big Mama’s and Big Papa’s Pizzeria, “I’m in corporate, I would know!”

Edgar Martirosyan, the lucky guy who got to deliver pizza to stars like Brad Pitt and Jared Leto’s mom is actually the franchise owner for Big Mama’s and Big Papa’s Pizzeria in Hollywood.

“Brad Pitt was handing out the paper plates! I was in shock. I couldn't believe that this has happened,” Grigorian told InTouch.

Oscars Pizza Ellen DeGeneres

Lucky for Martirosyan, the now famous pizza place is down the street from the Dolby Theatre where the Oscar’s were held. And it turns Ms. DeGeneres is a huge fan of the pizza joint!

“Ellen is one of our customers and has ordered from the Burbank location and we have delivered to her show,” Grigorian explained,

Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria often deliver to studios but it’s usually something that is dropped off back stage.

“No one has the pizza delivery guy on stage, that is very unusual.” He explained, “Last night was one of those nights, a lifetime event, we are very happy and very glad.”

As for the bill of the three pizza’s ordered? An inexpensive $40 to $50 with tax!

The corporate officer said, “It is one of the biggest events on TV, not only here but in the world. To see he is on stage next to the celebrities is quite a feeling."

He added with a laugh," Edgar must have gotten a real nice tip.”