Dancing with the stars sabrina bryan elimination

Eliminated 'DWTS' Star
Sabrina Bryan Opens Up
About Her Dark Past


Tuesday night was the end of the road for Dancing With the Stars' Sabrina Bryan, who was eliminated from the show after an emotional—and perfect— Rumba performance.

After her elimination, the Disney star opened up to In Touch about what made her elimination so difficult.

"The storyline of last night was such a huge example of what I was going through last time I was on [DWTS]," says Sabrina about her dance, which earned her the first perfect score of the season and was an interpretation of a past relationship with a drug-addicted ex.

“He will always be someone that I really care about, but he is married and is 5 years sober, he has a baby, he really pulled himself together which is awesome,” Sabrina says of her former flame. “I'm really proud of him.”

When asked if she had any difficulty exposing so much of her past, Sabrina says yes.

“This was something I was really fighting with the last season I was on, so it was more of a celebration of me working through an obstacle and going through such a tragic situation with my ex-boyfriend,” she says. “[Now], I have moved on to an incredible relationship, that was kind of what the storyline was: with the giving and taking and wanting to love again, but being too scared, and finally giving in. My boyfriend now is incredible.”

Sabrina’s dance partner Louis Van Amstel also commended her for executing such an emotional, difficult performance.

“I just thought it was a bad relationship,” he says of his partner’s past. “But the depth of an addict, and it still is there, then to see that change…” was admittedly tear-jerking.

When the pair received a perfect score from the judges, Sabrina tells In Touch it felt “incredible.”

“This was a dance I was nervous to do,” she admits of her Rumba with Louis. “It's hard to let things like that happen and put things out there for people to judge.”

Though the dancer didn’t hear from her ex after the show, she did reach out to him to inform him that she’d be sharing their story. “I know he will be okay with it because one of his main goals now is to help other addicts get to a better place.”

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