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Eliminated 'Bachelor'
Hopeful AshLee
Frazier: Sean Lowe Was
Different Around Me


She had her heart broken when she was sent home on The Bachelor, but AshLee Frazier tells In Touch that now—looking back— Sean Lowe wasn’t the right match for her.

“With me it was one way, with the other girls, he was a little bit different,” AshLee, 32, tells In Touch of Sean, 29, after she watched the show post-elimination. “He had that frat boy thing, like ‘Let's do a shot together.’ With me he was not doing things like that. He'd never pick on me or poke at me.”

So does AshLee think their three-year age difference played a role in his more mature demeanor while they shared time together?

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“He did act more refined around me. I think that's what I probably possessed, and he may have filtered off it,” AshLee shares. “That's what I believe. I think you picked up on the more mature side of seeing life with me. I could've aged him about 10 years.”

But that wasn’t the only time Sean may not have been showing his true colors to AshLee.

During The Bachelor: Women Tell All special, which aired Monday, March 4, AshLee dropped a bomb, revealing that Sean “told me not to worry because those other girls meant nothing to him.”

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“I was devastated,” AshLee tells In Touch. “My heart was broken. I was so confused. I was like ‘What happened?'”

Sean tells In Touch that AshLee’s accusations are “hurtful,” adding, “I never said it. AshLee is a sweet girl and I'm guessing I may have said something that misled her in some way, which was completely unintentional and, of course, if I did that I am very sorry. But to say I didn't have feelings for the other 2 women… That's just a blatant lie.”

Now, fans are left with a classic case of he-said she-said.

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“He’s Mr. Sincere, but AshLee seemed so believable,” says a production source at the Women Tell All. “Some fans in the audience doubted he was telling the truth.”

Who do you think is telling the truth: Sean or AshLee? For more on the Bachelor scandal, pick up the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.