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E! 'Fashion Police'
Castmates Celebrate
100th Episode, Reflect
On Their Own Clothing

Timothy White/E!

To celebrate the 100th episode of their show Fashion Police on E!, Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos tell In Touch about their own fashion faux pas of the past and give each other a dose of tough love!

“Style is something you either have you don’t,” Joan admits to In Touch. “It’s like herpes. You’ve either got it or you don’t.”

And while Joan thinks of herself as very fashionable, she was quick to criticize one of her own OMG moments, with her co-stars following suit.

“I thought I was the best-looking woman at the opera,” Joan says of a tobacco-colored taffeta and chiffon caped dress she wore in the 90’s. “Now I’d rip into this old bitch!”

And it wasn’t long before Kelly chimed in assaulting Joan’s style mistake. “The best Ferrero Rocher costume— but it wasn’t Halloween,” she laughed.

But Ms. Osbourne’s had some fashion crimes of her own! Aside from going through a "dark" fashion phase when she was a teenager, there was one particular ensemble that the star remembers as one of her worst.

“I had the most 'trying out to be in Hairspray' wig I borrowed from my drag queen friend who dressed me while we were both drunk,” she says of an outfit (and hair piece!) she wore to Clive Davis’ Grammy after party in the ‘90’s. “I literally thought I looked amazing.”

But Giuliana quickly confirmed Kelly’s old look was anything but fashion-forward.

“Little Bo Peep lost her chic!” the new mom says of Kelly's coiffe and clothing, before scrutinizing a disastrous all-denim outfit of her own.

“I look back at it and I just want to cry--it's so hideous,” she admits. I remember thinking it was something a young Sophia Loren would wear. Could you imagine? Now it's like something young Britney Spears would wear.”

Aside from strolling down unstylish memory lane, Giuliana also told In Touch the biggest downside of public critiquing— seeing fashion victims face-to-face.

“Tina Fey called me out on the carpet at the SAGs a few years ago,” she admits. “She said 'Weren't you the one who took a steaming dump on my dress last week?'”

And while it might be hard to deal with the pressures of in-person confrontations after a bad fashion review, George has a rule of thumb for staying out of trouble.

“I don't ever critique anybody personally—I critique the clothing,” the star admits of his sometimes-harsh reviews. “Unless I know they're major assholes in real life, I might not be as kind.”

Check out the 100th episode of Fashion Police this Friday, Nov. 30 at 10 p.m. ET on E!