Drew barrymore pregnant cravings

Drew Barrymore’s
Pregnancy Cravings
Revealed: Asian
Noodles! Plus, She
Still Won’t Speak To
Her Mother

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For Drew Barrymore, her pregnancy is bringing out her taste buds!  

The actress, who is pregnant with her second child just 13 months after having her first baby, Olive, spilled to In Touch at the Baby2Baby event in LA.  The once-troubled child star revealed what her pregnancy cravings are!

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"I love Chinese food,” she dished. "Especially pan friend noodles! I’m going to make a list of the best pan fried noodles in LA!" 

Even her joyous pregnancy—which she described as "relaxed, because I’m a little bit past the morning sickness and everything”—has not brought her closer to her long-estranged mother, Jaid Barrymoore, because their relationship “is still complicated.”

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“Unfortunately … life is just complicate,” she told In Touch.

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