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Amanda Bynes may be silent when it comes to discussing her current health status to the public, but one of her old pals, Drake Bell , has received an update he is excited to share.

When In Touch caught up with the 27-year-old actor at the 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards, he had nothing but the best to say about his former Nickelodeon co-star.

“I’m really happy to see that she’s doing well,” he tells In Touch. “She’s a great friend of mine and I’m a huge fan of her.”

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

Amanda Bynes was last seen at the FIDM Debut Runway Show on March 21.

When aksed if he reached out to Amanda following her rehab stint and her return home in December, he replied, “Yeah, I have. She’s well so it’s nice to hear.”

On March 21, Amanda shared pics from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Debut Runway Show in L.A. where she is currently taking classes at the school’s Orange County campus.

See the Pics: Amanda Bynes Lookin Happy and Healthy at FIDM Debut Runway Show

The 27-year-old budding fashion designer posed with her mom Lynn and dad Rick Bynes looking happy and healthy—and back to normal!

“I reached out to her a while ago and I hope she’s doing okay,” Drake told TMZ back I November. “As soon as she’s allowed to make contact again, I’d like to make sure she’s alright…She’s been a good friend for years.”