Snooki lorenzo photo 3

Double Take! Snooki's
Baby Photo Looks
Exactly Like Lorenzo

Holy mini-me!

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has never been shy about sharing photos of her sweet little man Lorenzo, and we’ve always thought he was the spitting image of his Jersey Shore mom—but now we’ve got a photo to prove it!

On her website, Snooki shared a precious new side-by-side pic of her and her 6-month-old tot, and we can barely believe our eyes. “Here’s a picture that I’ve only showed my family! I decided to see how much Lorenzo and I looked alike as babies…. and we are TWINS!” Snooks wrote. She went on to share, “I was 6 months old on the left, and Lorenzo is 2 months old on the right. We have the same chipmunk cheeks. Adorable.”

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And we couldn't agree more!

The reality TV star took to twitter to share the darling new photo, asking her followers, “Can you tell me and Lorenzo apart?”  It’s a tough call. From their nearly identical noses and chins to those pinchable cheeks, these two are as identical as they come. Now we just need to see a baby picture of Lorenzo’s dad, Jionni LaValle, to compare the father-son duo.

If Snooki, who's recently admitted that she definitely wants more children, were to ever have a girl, we can only imagine how much that little meatball would look like her famous mom.

PHOTO: Snooki Shares Photo of 6-Month-Old Lorenzo

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