Katy perry john mayer russell brand

Does Russell Brand
Approve of Ex-Wife
Katy Perry's Romance
with John Mayer?


Katy Perry and John Mayer have made no secret of their developing romance, so what does the “Firework” singer’s ex-husband Russell Brand think about his former flame’s new love?

"You have to let go of the instinct to protect someone once you divorce them," Russell said of Katy in a recent interview with Howard Stern.

And when the radio host asked the Brit, “What do you make of your ex-wife dating John Mayer? It’s like, doesn’t she know that he's a worse womanizer than you?” Russell didn’t deny the claims!

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"Worse or better, depending on how you view it," the actor said, to which Howard replied, “He's a better womanizer, then.”

But Russell stayed loyal to his ex by remaining mum about intimate details of their relationship. "So help me, Howard Stern, I will not compromise my ex-wife's vagina for the sake of ratings!” he said. “That woman was perfect from top to bottom!”

Since divorcing the pop star over one year ago, Russell has been back on the dating scene, having been linked to several women, including one Demi Moore.

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“I really like her,” he said of Ashton Kutcher’s estranged wife. “She’s a beautiful person.” But, as of now, the Get Him to the Greek star is still flying solo, confirming the fact that he’s not seeing anyone special at the moment, even though he “would like a romance.”

Don’t worry… if he ends up sleeping with Demi, we’ll definitely hear about it.

“I've not made love to her yet, Howard, but it's a matter of time,” he jokes. “That's the sort of thing that'll get in the newspaper."

Check out Howard's interview with Russell below: