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"Bad Boys" (PHOTO)

Courtesy of Maxim Magazine

Talk about shedding your innocent image!

Former Disney star Ashley Tisdale, 27, goes topless for a new photo shoot and interview with Maxim Magazine, where she admits she’s got a thing for guys who are rough around the edges.
"There's definitely a thing where I like the dark, mysterious bad boy," the former High School Musical star admits of her perfect man. That said, she’s not opposed to "surfer, blond frat guys" either. Sounds like a dangerous mix to us! 
Wearing nothing but a leather jacket and frilly panties, the star’s new, racy photos go to show just how much she’s grown up since her days as Sharpay Evans on the hit TV-turned-movie series. 
But she’s not the only Disney darling who’s ditching her “good girl” persona for that of an edgier, more mature vibe. 
Vanessa Hudgens— who starred in High School Musical alongside Ashley— and Selena Gomez, 20, also recently shed their squeaky clean images for their scandalous roles in Spring Breakers
''Honestly, it's been a weird transition,” Selena said about growing up. “You never really know what's right or wrong and you can only do the best you can.''
And Vanessa, 24— who just released a raunchy, new single called $$$ex—was also ready to take on some darker, sexier roles. 
"It's amazing... I think that I'm just growing," she said. "I did High School Musical like six years ago. So, it's been a long time coming."
But just because Ashley and the others have come a long way since their days as teen queens, don’t count out a HSM reunion in the future! 
“Being without that cast, there’s no way,” Ashley previously admitted of a reunion down the road. “If everybody was in for it, maybe. I don’t know.”