Dina lohan arrested

Dina Lohan Arrested
for Drunk Driving in
New York

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They always say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Unfortunately for Lindsay and Dina Lohan, it isn’t a very good trait that they’re sharing!

Lindsay’s 50-year-old mom became the latest family member to get a mug shot, after getting arrested for drunk driving in New York Thursday night!

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According to a police report, officers first noticed Dina driving her white BMW more than 20 miles above the speed limit – at “a speed of 77 MPH in a 55-mile zone.”

Once the cops pulled her over, Dina blew a .20 – which is significantly higher than a .08, which is the legal limit to drive.

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Officials are also saying that Dina claimed to be injured during her arrest, but after a medical evaluation found no injuries, she retracted her claim.

According to TMZ, Lindsay didn’t know about her mother’s arrest until the news broke this morning. Lindsay has been arrested multiple times, most recently in Nov. 2012 for allegedly punching someone outside a nightclub.

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News of Dina’s arrest comes nearly two months after Lindsay completed her latest court-ordered rehab stint.

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