HMM: Did Jen Send
Justin $300 Worth Of
Balloons For
Valentine's Day?


Justin Theroux may have spent Valentine's Day alone but someone made sure he didn't forget the date.

On Friday evening Theroux was spotted excitedly trying to maneuver a huge bouquet of Valentine's Day balloons through the front door of his West Village apartment.

An eye witness tells us there were so many balloons he needed assistance from a passerby to get them inside.

Could the balloons have been sent by fiance Jennifer Aniston? Or where they a hoax?

The two spent lover's day apart.

Theroux, who is in New York filming the 'Leftovers', was spotted again the next day leaving his apartment alone.

Meanwhile, Jen is in California reportedly for work and celebrated her 45th birthday party with friends at the Soho House last week.

Perhaps the balloons were someone's idea of a joke.

What do you think?

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