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“Kate Will Flip!”:
Details on Jon
Gosselin’s Shocking
New Tell-All


Could there possibly be a part of the Jon and Kate Gosselin saga that hasn’t been told? Jon says there’s enough for a whole book… which he’s already written!

“It’s about my feelings and my marriage,” he tells In Touch. “Kate will flip.”

But what could his ex (who successfully blocked a different tell-all by author Robert Hoffman in 2012) have to hide? A recent outing may be a clue!

Jon Gosselin Attacks Ex-Wife Kate on Couples Therapy: “F*cking Die!”

On March 2, Kate, 38, took twin daughters Mady and Cara, 13, to a Demi Lovato concert in Fairfa, Va.—along with Steve Neild, the ex-bodyguard (now business manager) she denied being involved with just before her marriage to Jon, 36, imploded in 2009.

“No one knows what happened,” Jon says of the ending of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 family. “I think people want to hear my story.”

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