Rob kristen rupert

Despite Breakup, Rob
And Kristen Are A
Perfect Match

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No one knows for sure exactly why Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend of nearly four years, Robert Pattinson, 26, but according to the mastermind behind Find Your FaceMate — an online dating service that uses facial recognition to help members find love — Kristen’s resemblance to the man at the center of the love triangle, Rupert Sanders, 41, may have played a role!

“I think her desire for Rupert Sanders kicked in because he's an older, successful man in a position of power - who is a close facial-feature match,” the founder and CEO of Find Your FaceMate, Christina Bloom, tells In Touch.   “Like most young women, Kristen has had limited experience with men, making it harder for her to deal with temptation.”

So who is a better match for the 22-year-old Twilight star?

“I see a stronger similarity between Kristen and Rob in the eyes and brows,” Christina says. “Although she's attracted to Rupert, her connection to Rob is stronger.”