Close Call!: Demi Moore Parties With a Mystery Man — And Narrowly Avoids an Awkward Run In With Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher


Days after Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis went public with their engagement, the last thing Demi Moore was doing was sulking.

On March 1, an eyewitness spotted the 51-year-old cozying up to a mystery man—at the same Oscars after-party her ex and his new fiancé attended! Luckily, they avoided an awkward confrontation.

“[Mila and Ashton] arrived around 2 a.m., well after Demi had been there,” the onlooker tells In Touch. “I’m not sure if she was still there when they got there, but I didn’t see her.”

Ashton and Mila

In the past, encounters between Demi and Mila haven’t exactly gone smoothly.

In Sept., an insider told In Touch of the tension that arose when the couple ran into the former Mrs. Kutcher at the funeral of Kabbalah leader Rabbi Philip Berg—even going so far as to call Mila “Demi’s nemesis.”

“She wasn’t happy to see Mila with Ashton,” the source exclusively told the mag. “Demi introduced Ashton to the religion, so she was annoyed that he showed up—and even more annoyed that he brought Mila.”

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Not only did Demi avoid the run in, but it also appears she had fun on her own—thanks to her mystery man!

“She was being romantic with some guy,” the partygoer shares with In Touch. “They were kissing and making out!”

We’re sure that was a welcome distraction!

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