Demi moore comeback

On Today’s ‘Gossip
Table’: Demi Moore Is
Planning a Comeback!


According to an insider, Demi Moore is not going to let ex-husband Ashton Kutcher’s engagement and a baby get in the way of her career!

“Demi’s career has been on hold since the initial separation and only until very recently has she started to look at scripts again and began talks of doing a few movies,” the source says. “She doesn’t need to be a giant star like she used to be, but just wants to work and even produce a few projects as well.”

The source adds her team suggested she take a considerable break from the spotlight after being rushed to the hospital for issues related to an eating disorder and drug abuse, which explains her absence from public appearances recently.

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“It took her almost a year to take their advice and once she stepped away from the red carpets and parties she finally started to like herself again and is moving beyond Ashton,” the insider says.

“She is still very hurt, but she wants to get back on a set and act like she used to. She will act, produce and direct. Its all just the beginning for her.”

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