Demi Lovato: Love with
Joe Jonas is "scary"


Romance is hard at 17, but especially in the spotlight. That's why Demi Lovato only confessed that she was dating her Camp Rock co-star Joe Jonas, 20, two months ago — and she's a realist about their relationship. "It was not only scary just coming out to the public eye, but also the people that we work with," Demi, who is about to go on tour with her boyfriend for the summer, tells In Touch, pointing out that they're both still young. "You never know what can happen. You can’t make any crazy decisions right now and say, ‘We’re going to be together for the rest of our lives.'" But for now, the future looks bright. "I know that we’re at an incredible point and most likely we’ll be together for a really long time. And I think ultimately, everyone who knows us knows that we’ll always be best friends, no matter what happens!"