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Demi Lovato Jokes
About Boob Jobs, Says
Hers Are "Like
Mosquito Bites"


Demi Lovato was backstage at the Jingle Ball in Miami this weekend (where Miley Cyrus performed while twerking on Santa Claus) when she pulled a question out of a hat: "You were picked to give one celebrity plastic surgery. Who would it be and what type of surgery?"

Known for her honesty about her issues and willingness to talk about society's pressure to look a certain way, Demi refused to trash another celeb's body. Instead, she made a joke at her own expense.

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"It should be me! I should get a boob job. They're like mosquito bites," the X Factor judge and former Disney star laughed.

Although Demi was kidding around with the plastic surgery question, her fans (who are called the Lovatics) know that their heroine wouldn't really consider going under the knife. The 21-year-old went through treatment for an eating disorder and has been really honest about her struggles with body issues and self-esteem.

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"My main thing about being in the spotlight with my fans is, I want to be real to them. I have my problem areas, but I'm happy in my skin right now. I'm not going to sacrifice my mental health to have the perfect body," she said. The "Heart Attack" singer has also tweeted about wanting her very own Barbie doll made with more realistic proportions.

Demi also admitted that one reason she talks about her issues so openly is because she wants to help the younger girls who look up to her - starting with her very own little sister Madison. And that's why she's such a great role model!