Demi lovato

Demi Lovato Bows Out
of X Factor Photo
Shoot After Her Father


Demi Lovato's dad, Patrick, has passed away. Demi has yet to make a statement, but her sister, Dallas, Tweeted the following message yesterday: "Rest in peace daddy I love you."

Demi bowed out of an X Factor photo shoot yesterday after the news broke, and host Mario Lopez Tweeted a pic of himself with judges Paulina Rubio, Kelly Rowland and Simon Cowell along with the message "Missing @ddlovato today…:("

Paulina later Tweeted the following message: "I lov u lil sis my prayers r w u guys! Te amo @ddlovato sorry for ur loss, I know what it feels Nothing we can say it's enough..." And Simon Tweeted, "My thoughts are with you Demi. X"

Demi and her biological father didn't have a close relationship after her parents divorced, and in 2011, he took to the press in an effort to reconcile with her after she suffered an emotional breakdown and ended up in rehab.

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In November that year she talked about their strained relationship, saying, "Sometimes there are people in your life that you have to cut out. It sucks when it's your own father. But I know what's best for me…I have an old soul, because I had to grow up fast, because of the public eye and because of my life experiences."

Patrick reached out to her again last year when he faced surgery to remove a tumor in his throat, admitting, "Demi and I haven't spoken in so long."

Demi wrote about her troubled relationship with her father on the 2011 song "For the Love of a Daughter" in which she begs her dad to "put the bottle down."

We send our condolences to Demi and her family.