Beyonce pharrell grammys

Déjà Vu at the
Grammys: Where Have We
Seen These 9 Looks


Pharrell and Beyoncé probably weren’t inspired by these looks before they picked out their Grammys outfits.

But it’s safe to say they weren’t exactly original.

And neither were these other seven stars.

Pharrell’s Hat Numero Uno

We need a cheeseburger from Arby’s now. Stat. Pronto.

Pharrell’s Hat Numero Dos

Did you know the musician knows how to put out forest fires?

Kasey Musgraves

Forget Christmas tree shopping next year. Just ask the country singer to stand in your living room.

Katy Perry

Think this dress is getting some use in her bathroom now?


Note to Bey: Doilies are used for sweet treats.

Madonna and Steven Tyler

These two have taken a trip or 20 to KFC over the years.

Daft Punk

Whatever, they’re robots. We get it. And so does George Lucas.

Paula Patton

She must be a big Beatles fan considering Abbey Road served as inspiration for her dress.

By Chantal Waldholz / @blondieewood