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“I Have a Brain That
Wants Me Dead”: Dean
McDermott Explains Why
He Cheated on Tori
Spelling, Opens Up
About Alcoholism

It’s the question no one ever wants to ask: Why did your spouse cheat on you?

And we imagine the answer Dean McDermott gave for his affair isn’t the one his wife *Tori Spelling ever wanted to hear.

In a new clip from her reality series, True Tori, the father-of-four opens up about his tragic battle with alcoholism and candidly answers his friend who asks him why he cheated in the first place.

Tori Spelling Secretly Hospitalized Amist Marriage Woes With Husband Dean McDermott

“Because I didn’t think I would get caught,” Dean bluntly tells his pal. "I was drinking and doing drugs, man, I was not dealing with things that happened to me in the past.”

In the last episode of True Tori, the 47-year-old told his wife he was “insatiable” when it came to sex and he thought sleeping with her “wasn’t fantastic.”

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In the clip for tomorrow’s episode, he changes his story—and claims he was never about sex.

“It’s not like I was looking for sex or I was horny or anything—T and I, our relationship, our sex life is solid—I have a brain that wants to kill me,” he tells his friend. “I have a brain that wants me dead.

TOri Dean

“That’s how an alcoholic mind works and thinks… that may be hard for a lot of people to understand, but that’s the truth.”

When asked how he fights that, Dean gets brutally honest with his friend.

“How do you being to fight that? You begin to fight that by hitting rock bottom,” Dean confesses. “I am on the verge of losing everything that means anything to me—my wife, my family.”

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Just yesterday, it was revealed Tori had secretly been hospitalized for at least six days, although reasons for her stay have yet to be revealed.

Catch the new episode of True Tori Tuesday, April 29, at 10 PM EST on Lifetime!