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After a bumpy trip, Justin Bieber has officially touched down in New York for the Super Bowl—and has already hit the party scene!

On Jan. 31, an eyewitness spotted the 19-year-old and his father, Jeremy, at the Maxim magazine party, where the two were seemingly on the best behavior and a positive mood despite Justin’s recent legal woes.

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“Justin appeared to be very coherent and was in good spirits,” the eyewitness told In Touch. “His attitude gave the impression that he feels invincible and doesn’t have any consequence for his behavior. He has a teem around him willing to grant him whatever he wants.”

The eyewitness explained to In Touch that Justin’s security team made interacting with the troubled singer nearly impossible.

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“His security team was incredibly aggressive and was shining flashlights in the eyes of guests who were merely glancing in Justin’s direction,” the eyewitness said. “It’s very clear that his celebrity has spun out of control and his father is fueling the fire.”

Another partygoer revealed to In Touch that as the night progressed, JB’s mood seemed to take a turn for the worse.

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“Justin was in a bad mood, it was obvious,” the onlooker said. “According to others, he was denied a few parties. Justin wanted to go out and not stay in from what was heard. He also hangs with a crew that loves partying and bottles. Justin was actually very behaved for the first two hours.”

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Getting to New York to party was difficult enough for the newly-crowned bad boy.

Justin’s private plane was searched for marijuana at Teterboro airport—although nothing was found.