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Check It Out: David
Beckham and Prince
William Talk About
Fatherhood, Saving
Animals in New PSA


Is it hot in here, or is it just two of the United Kingdom’s sexiest dads teaming up to do good for the world?

Prince William and David Beckham have joined forces with WildAid to film a series of Public Service Announcements asking consumers to eliminate the consumption of ivory, rhino horns and shark fins.

The PSAs also feature Chinese basketball sensation Yao Ming.

The first PSA, titled “Whole World,” begins with the three men walking into a sports stadium, as Becks asks, “Imagine in the all the people of the world could fit into one stadium.”

Prince George’s dad follows it up with “Sadly, all the rhinos of the world can—with room to spare.”

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The three men urge people to tell their friends and family not to buy rhino horn because “if the buying stops, the killing can too.”

Their emotional appeal is an effort to protect the world’s wildlife for future generations—which is why in the second PSA, titled “Fatherhood” they speak to their ambitions for their children’s generation.

“As a father, I want our children to know that rhinos are not just a picture in a book,” Wills says at the beginning of the PSA.

David then explains, “As a father, I want our children to be able to swim with sharks—not just eat them in a soup.”

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Protecting wild life has been one of Prince William’s philanthropic efforts since he was a young man. He has always had a particular bond with the continent of Africa—which he hopes to share one day with his son.

“Catherine and I very much hope to introduce him to East Africa—a place we know and love—in the fullness of time,” he said in September, at the Tusk Awards (where he and Kate Middleton were honored for their contributions to the conservation in Africa.

And we’re sure that, as a father, Will is setting an amazing example for his little boy!