Dave Navarro: I’ll
Never Remove My Carmen


They split in 2006, but Carmen Electra will always be close to Dave Navarro’s heart — literally. The rocker has no plans to remove the tattoos he got for Carmen, 36, on his chest. “I won’t be covering these up or changing them,” he tells In Touch. One features her initials and the other is November 22, 2003 — their wedding date. The marriage was documented on the MTV reality series ’Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave, in 2004. “My advice to a couple that is about to be on a reality show is to turn down everything afterward, because that’s where the distance happens,” says Dave. “People get more attention and work because of the show, and that gets in the way.” Dave, 41, says he will always love Carmen: “We have a bond.”

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