Daryl hannah autism

Daryl Hannah Confesses
She Is Autistic

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Actress Daryl Hannah became famous for her roles in movies like Splash and Steel Magnolias. But behind her free-spirited persona she was hiding a big secret: autism.

In a revealing new interview, the 52-year-old confesses that she was diagnosed with autism as a child. Then, autism was not as well understood as it is today and doctors recommended that Daryl be sent to an institution. Instead, she ran away to Hollywood at 17.

"Acting for me was about going to the Land of Oz and meeting the Tin Man," she says, explaining how going to a fantasy world helped her cope with her paralyzing social fears. Her fears were so bad that she sometimes refused to do interviews or walk down the red carpet at her movie premieres.

These days, Daryl acts less often and instead focuses on her other passion - activism. The Kill Bill star is committed to environmental causes and has been arrested several times while protesting. "Nowadays acting is like a vacation from my real work as an activist," she says.

At the height of her fame, Daryl dated celebrity hunks like John F. Kennedy Jr and singer Jackson Browne.

So, why is Daryl finally speaking out about her autism diagnosis? "Life is too short to stress the small things," she says.