Courtney stodden doug hutchinson divorce

Courtney Stodden and
Doug Hutchinson Split
After Two Years of

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So long, Dourtney!

One of Hollywood's most controversial couples, Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden, are splitting up. The couple, who wed when Courtney was just 16 and Doug was 51, have admitted that there were problems in their relationship and recently appeared on VH1's show Couples Therapy.

Actor Doug, now 53, is known for his roles in The Green Mile and on the TV show Lost, but his marriage to Courtney, an aspiring singer and model, put him in the spotlight. He also suffered from major fallout as a result of his surprising third marriage: his family disowned him, and his agent dropped him as a client.

Courtney Stodden Wears Lettuce Bikini (PHOTO)

While on Couples Therapy, Doug admitted that the pair's large age gap sometimes made it hard to communicate and connect. He was also jealous that Courtney got so much attention from other men. Several of the show's co-stars, including former Real Housewives of New York star Alex McCord, complained to producers that Courtney's insistence on wearing low-cut clothing was distracting.

Since marrying, Courtney has courted fame with appearances on the British reality show Celebrity Big Brother. It was the first time she had done media appearances on her own without her husband. She was also reportedly rejected from Playboy magazine.

The couple has officially separated, but neither partners has yet filed divorce papers.