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Courtney Mazza & Mario
Lopez Dish On
Honeymoon Details


Newlyweds Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez have only been married for a week, but they’re already looking forward to the next part of their journey— the honeymoon!

So when does it begin?

“I was just saying we have been going on all kinds of quick weekend rendezvous and many honeymoons here and there, so we are not too stressed out about an elongated one,” Mario tells In Touch. “However, I am looking forward to it. But it will happen— long story short— in my next hiatus.”

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And the parents of 2-year-old Gia can’t wait to relax for a while now that the big day is over. Mario fills us in on what he plans on doing during their post-wedding getaway.

“One sleeps in, has a lot of drinks, eats a lot and kicks back,” he confesses.  “And a lot of...” well… you know.

But even though the’ve been married seven days and the honeymoon is yet to be had, Courtney and Mario have already thought about renewing their vows!

“I don't know about every year, I don’t know I could afford that,” he admits of repeat nuptials. “But maybe every few or so because [Courtney] would end up in the pool in the wedding dress. She got all crazy!”

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And we’re sure they’ll get just as crazy, if not more, during their honeymoon— but this time without their tot there to witness the shenanigans. So where will she be?

“In timeout,” Mario jokes. “She will be with grandma probably.”

Be sure to tune into their two-hour wedding special, Mario & Courtney's Wedding Fiesta, on Dec. 8 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.