Mario lopez gia photo

Courtney and Mario
Lopez's Daughter Gia
Shares Kisses with
Family Dog Julio


Newlyweds Courtney and Mario Lopez sure know how to make a beautiful baby! 

Earlier this week, Courtney shared a photo of the pair's 2-year-old daughter Gia, who showed some PDA for the family dog, Julio César Chávez Lopez.

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The tot can be seen sitting on the floor of her home, clutching onto a stuffed animal and planting a smooch on the nose of their beloved french bulldog. "Gia and @JulioCCLopez's morning kiss...." Courtney captioned the photo. 

And believe it or not, Julio has his own twitter account! The description on his profile description reads: "Playa. Gangsta. Champion. Pimp. and Papi Chulo."

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And the pup's location? "In your bed."

Since Courtney and Mario's recent televised nuptials, The X Factor host has been busy traveling, recently admitting that he'll even be working on New Year's Eve... but Courtney will be with him!

"I'm going to be working on New Year's," Mario tells In Touch. "We are Going to be in New York doing a campaign out there and some stuff for FOX, too. We're going to keep the act together on the road."

We're so glad that there's so much love in this family despite their hectic work schedules. But the real question is... who's babysitting Julio?