Jessica biel justin timberlake italian wedding

Countdown To Jessica
Biel & Justin
Timberlake's Secret
Italian Wedding!


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have almost made it to the altar!

After more than five years of dating, the A-listers will tie the knot in Italy this week at a hush-hush ceremony where some of Hollywood’s hottest stars will be in attendance.

Guests have already participated in several celebrations leading up to the couple’s big day, including a brilliant fireworks display, which lasted nearly ten minutes.

"As guests took in the display, they dined outside and munched on local seafood-based specialties such as pasta with clams, shellfish, octopus and squid," an insider revealed of the festivities. "This was followed by grilled meat and seafoods accompanied by vegetables and salads."

But this is just the beginning.

Though the wedding date is being kept a secret, extra security has been flown in from the states to monitor the big event, and guests were warned that their phones and cameras would be confiscated.
The couple has definitely gone above and beyond to make sure their wedding is of royal status, and we’re eagerly awaiting the news of their nuptials! Any day now, folks...