Corey Feldman: I love
my wife's Playboy pics


It’s not all bad news on The Two Coreys: The A&E reality show will document the Playboy cover shoot of Corey Feldman’s wife, Susie! “When Hugh Hefner asked us himself, it was very moving,” Corey tells In Touch. “Hef has been a friend for a long time — he was at our wedding. It was hard to say no.” One thing Corey and Susie did say no to: A big payday. “Being that it was art, we didn’t want to make it a business thing,” explains Corey. “So she basically did it for free.” Corey couldn’t be more pleased with the results, which will appear in the August issue. “I’m very proud,” he says. “She’s a beautiful girl and deserves to be worshipped!” Corey calls Susie’s shoot “ridiculously hot.”

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