Biggest loser rachel frederickson

Controversial 'Biggest
Loser' Champ Rachel
Frederickson Gains 20
Pounds, Says She’s at
Her “Perfect” Weight


To earn the title of Biggest Loser, Rachel Frederickson lost 155 pounds—and gained one giant controversy.

When she was declared the winner of season 15 of The Biggest Loser, viewers were quick to critique her dramatic weight loss—calling it unrealistic and unhealthy. While the 24-year-old initially defended her new, slim physique, she has since revealed she’s put a few pounds back on—and is now at her ideal weight.

“I’ve gone up about 20 pounds,” the star, who currently weighs 125 pounds, proudly shares. “I think I’m at my perfect weight!”

Initially, Rachel defended her new figure, and insisted she was happy and healthy.

“I never felt this great before,” she gushed. “I found that proud, confident girl that I lost. I truly found the person I want to be.”

At the time, In Touch Weekly exclusively revealed she frequented an infrared sauna, which heats the body using infrared radiation to burn calories and boost metabolism.

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“She came in almost every day for two-and-a-half weeks before the finale,” a source at Firm Body Evolution told In Touch.

“You can burn up to 600 calories in a half-hour session, although everyone is different.”

Additionally, she confessed to indulging in “three, four classes a day” and consuming a mere 1,600 calories daily at that time.

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Shortly after coming under heat, the reality star confessed she may have been “too enthusiastic” about her weight loss.

And now she’s achieved her ideal physique, she admits her habits are much healthier.

"I work out an hour, six days a week. I love classes like SoulCycle,” she told Us. “I also loosely count calories, but sometimes I might eat an Oreo. It’s not the end of the world.”