Katy perry cincinnati bengals roar

Cincinnati Bengals
Fans Reject Katy Perry

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Katy Perry's new hit single "Roar" sounds like it was tailor-made for sports venues, but Cincinnati Bengals fans disagree! Fans of the football team are furious at the song possibly becoming the Bengals' new theme music.

For the team's home opening game on Monday night, the PA blasted "Roar" as the players came out on the field. Usually, the team comes out to a more traditional rock song.

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Almost immediately, fans went on social media to make fun of the song choice.

"There were Steelers fans next to me laughing," complained one fan about the supporters of the Bengals' opponents. Katy's track was "the running joke of the night," said another. The team's management apologized and said that "Roar" might still get played in the arena, but never to accompany the team coming out.

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There is a precedent for pop stars penning football songs, though. Carrie Underwood recently took over for Faith Hill as the singer of the official Sunday Night Football theme song, and Texas native Kelly Clarkson wrote an original song for her team, the Dallas Cowboys.

"Roar" hit #1 on the Billboard pop charts, so Katy's definitely getting the last laugh.