Chrissy teigen real housewives

“RHOA Would Eat Me
Alive!”: Chrissy
Teigen Reveals Which
‘Real Housewives’ Show
She’d Prefer to Be On!


Sure, she’s Mrs. John Legend, but that doesn’t make Chrissy Teigen a housewife—and it definitely doesn’t make her a Real Housewife, but at an event for Internet Week, held on May 21 in New York, the Sports Illustrated model revealed which franchise she’d join if it were up to her!

“I would never be able to hang in Atlanta, they’d eat me alive,” the gorgeous 28-year-old jokes to In Touch. “I’m not rich enough for Beverly Hills, I guess Miami housewives.”

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Although she did reveal one small (and ironic) caveat in her plan for jetting down the South Beach and joining the women of Real Housewives of Miami.

“I really hate wearing swimsuits. I hate the beach and I can’t swim and I hate sand,” she confesses. “I’d rather just be naked!”

That’s right—the model who appeared on the 50th anniversary cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue admitted she hates swimsuits! Although we have no trouble whatsoever believing her affinity for going in the nude!

Chrissy isn’t shy about her love for the Real Housewives—and even admits that Real Housewives of Atlanta is her favorite.

But when Andy Cohen asked which Housewife she’d like to see her husband collaborate with, she had a surprising answer—Jo De La Rossa, one of the original stars of Real Housewives of Orange County!

Do you think you can see Chrissy make the transition to Brav-lebrity? Sound off in the comments!