Chrissy teigen twitter

Teigen Has 'No
Regrets' About Twitter


Chrissy Teigen has spoken openly on Twitter about her thoughts on Chris Brown, Avril Lavigne, Donald Trump — and even tweeted that Justin Bieber is a “douche!”

In the new issue of In Touch Weekly, Chrissy opens up about Internet trolls and her infamously controversial tweets.

The Sports Illustrated model tells In Touch that she has no regrets when it comes to her social-media postings. “It was always something I believed,” she exclusively tells In Touch. “But they have legions of fans just waiting to pounce on me — and they go hard,” she adds with a laugh.

Hardcore Beliebers aren’t the only ones on the attack. After posting curvier-than-usual pics to her Instagram account, Chrissy was called “fat” by Internet trolls.

“People say the most vile things,” she exclusively tells In Touch. “It’s hard not to be affected. But I tell myself they’re just people who are a little too bored. I learned a long time ago not to Google myself!”

For more from Chrissy Teigen’s exclusive interview including her quotes on body confidence, her refusal to diet and plans of starting a family with John Legend, pick up the new issue of In Touch Weekly, on newsstands now.