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Chris Noth’s Secret to
a Happy Marriage

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Known for being Carrie Bradshaw’s love, Big, on Sex and the City, Chris Noth chatted exclusively with In Touch about his real-life love and what keeps his relationship stable.

Though the 57-year-old actor and father admits he isn’t one for going on dates with his wife, Tara Wilson, he does have one key to a happy marriage: “We watch Downton Abbey,” Chris confessed, when asked about how he keeps his marriage strong. “I'm a fan of all those actors. I think it's the most wonderful show. That and Mad Men are my two favorite shows.”

So who is Chris’ favorite character among the drama’s award-winning cast?

“The young lead girl … [who] was gonna marry the dastardly news guy — the sort of Fox News guy, if you will — but was in love with the guy they thought was missing over in World War I,” Chris said, describing Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery.

Considering SATC helped to make Chris famous and watching hit shows helps keep his relationship strong, we asked the actor if he’s going to  watch the upcoming Sex and the City spin-off, The Carrie Diaries.

“Doubt it,” he said. “I don't have much interest in all those kinds of shows.”