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To celebrate the release of her new self-titled EP, Private Lives of Nashville Wives star *Sarah Davidson** has penned a blog for* In Touch Weekly about this week’s episode of PLNW! For more from Sarah, be sure to check out her EP or tune into Private Lives of Nashville Wives Mondays at 11 PM on TNT!

This week on Private Lives of Nashville Wives, Cassie [Chapman] hosted a mountain-view, poolside girls day complete with cocktails and cornhole (how we do it in the south)!

I opened up to my gals about what's going on in my relationship and shed a quick tear behind my Persol sunnies before getting revamped and encouraged by the ladies, complete with an "I'm ok" take away.

I was over all the tears so I headed to my house to meet my band to rehearse for a show in Chicago that all of the ladies are planning on attending. I rehearsed "No Sad Song," which is a song I wrote about relying on music to get me through the tough challenges of a breakup and not allowing myself the time to focus on the negative. Essentially, moving on through music!

I’m so happy I got to share with fans because, I think, "No Sad Song" is the perfect post breakup song for any undervalued, heartbroken country queen!

Did I mention how proud I am of my girl Betty [Malo]? In this week’s episode, she stepped out from under the shadow of her Mavericks band front man Raul to reveal she’s teamed up with legend designer Manuel to showcase her fabulous jewelry line!

"Betty Badd" recruited the women of PLNW to walk the runway to flaunt her glimmering goods and as an outside viewer seeing it for the first time, I couldn't get enough!

Tune in next week to see some feathers get ruffled in the Windy City and check out my EP, which you will be hearing more of soon….