Nicki minaj anaconda

NSFW: Check Out Nicki
Minaj's Twerk-Tastic
Video for 'Anaconda'


Nicki Minaj dropped her new video for 'Anaconda' late last night, and it, er, really is quite something.

Be forewarned, the video is not exactly suitable for the workplace what with Nicki showing off her ample booty in the Amazon, then in some teeny, tiny cutoffs, in a pink thong, swimsuit, cutout black get the idea.

Aaanndd because just posting the video is never enough, we give you the best moments from Nicki's provocative musical jaunt in the Amazon in GIFs. You're welcome!

So, the video starts out with Nicki just being her bootylicious self in the jungle.

Nicki GIF 1 (

Then she twerks on her friend for a bit.

Nicki GIF 2 (

Aaaand then this happens. #Besties

Nicki GIF 3 (

Then she takes a quick dance break.

Nicki GIF 4 (Tumblr)

Nicki GIF 5 (Tumblr)

Time for a workout!

Nicki GIF 6 (Tumblr)

Then Nicki enjoys some whipped cream. And a banana.

Nicki GIF 7 (Tumblr)

Nicki GIF 8 (Tumblr)

Oh, and then Drake shows up!

The End.

Nicki GIF 9 (Tumblr)

Nicki GIF 10 (Tumblr)