Charlie Sheen Lashes Out At Denise Richards On Twitter

Charlie Sheen is making news again, this time for lashing out at his ex-wife, Denise RIchards.

Charlie Sheen is making news again, this time for lashing out at his ex-wife, Denise RIchards.


Charlie Sheen is up to his old tricks again.

The controversial actor has taken to Twitter to lash out at ex-wife Denise Richards after she reportedly told him he could not see their two children over Christmas.

Not just content with tweeting an angry message, Sheen accompained the post with a menacing picture of a baseball bat the former couple received for their wedding, chopped up into pieces.

He wrote: "The lie is over. I'm dont being treated like a relative with a one-way ticket. #DuhNeese."

His angry outburst came after Denise allegedly told him she would prefer if he didn't join the holiday trip with their children Samantha, 9, and Lola, 8, as well as her adopted daughter Eloise, 2. It is not known where the family are going on their vacation.

In the related picture, the bat is neatly cut up into five pieces, alongside a dagger-style knife and, bizarrely, a tiny bottle of Tabasco hot sauce.

The inscription on the wooden bat is clearly visible, commemorating the couple's short-lived union with the words: 'Congratulations Denise & Charlie, June 15, 2002. Have a home run of a life.'

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The news should come as no surprise to the temperamental Anger Management star, who isn't exactly known for his shy and retiring ways. In fact, four years ago, the 48-year-old was arrested on Christmas Day following a domestic incident with his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, to whom he also has two children. 

It may end up being a lonely holiday for Sheen as he is not likely to see his sons Bob and Max either, who are currently in the custody of Brooke's brother Scott.

The boys were previously under the care of Denise, but she had to give them up due to alleged violent behavioural problems towards their half siblings.

Denise is said to be confused at her ex-husband's reaction, TMZ reports, claiming he is welcome to accompany them on the trip.

Let's hope for her sake he doesn't take her up on the offer!

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