2012 celebrity engagements

Celebrity Engagements
of 2012: Their Race to
the Altar!


2012 was definitely a year full of love...and engagements for some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities!

Between Brad Pitt finally putting a ring on Angelina Jolie’s finger after SEVEN years of dating, Brad’s ex, Jennifer Aniston, finding the perfect partner in Justin Theroux, and teen (at the time!) Miley Cyrus surprising the world with her engagement to Liam Hemsworth, the year has been nothing short of surprises when it comes to celebs planning to get hitched.

EXCLUSIVE: Brad and Angie Pick Out Wedding Rings

In Touch is looking back at the biggest “aww” moments of the year…and you know we’re all about happy endings.

PHOTO: Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Engagement Ring

But as 2013 nears, the biggest question remains: will Brangie beat Jen and Justin to the altar or vice versa? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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