Tonight show jimmy fallon

In Demand: Celebrities
Boycott Other Networks
to Secure Spot on ‘The
Tonight Show With
Jimmy Fallon’ (REPORT)


Celebrities are so desperate to secure a spot on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, they’re willing to pass on making appearances on talk shows of other networks, a new report claims.

According to TMZ, Jimmy’s new late night gig is so popular, NBC is allegedly using its clout to keep stars away from other networks—supposedly telling celebs if they appear on a competitor network, such as ABC or CBS, they can kiss their chances of booking The Tonight Show goodbye!

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The report adds that this secret negotiation doesn’t just restrict stars from appearing on rival late night shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live or Late Show With David Letterman, but all of the competitor’s morning shows as well.

Per TMZ’s sources, NBC shows such as Today and Dateline are permitted.

NBC has been able to get away with this thanks to the SNL alum’s impressive viewership—since his Tonight Show debut, his ratings have nearly doubled Jimmy Kimmel’s.

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And it would appear the supposed threats haven’t kept stars from stopping by Studio 6B.

Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Obama, Adam Sandler, Bradley Cooper and Reese Witherspoon are among the guests who have already joined Jimmy on his new gig.

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