Jon gosselin masturbating

Caught Red Handed: Was
Jon Gosselin Really
Pleasuring Himself on
‘Couples Therapy’?


Jon Gosselin is no stranger to having his personal life in the spotlight—but he may have taken it too far on the Jan. 23 episode of Couples Therapy.

In the episode, Jon is in bed on his own with the covers over him and viewers can see some very suspicious movements in a very suspicious place. Accompanied with the fact we can hear a few grunts, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what he may have been doing.

And, never one for subtlety, when his girlfriend Liz Jannetta comes in, she more or less confirms our suspicions.

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“You’re laying there with your f*cking legs wide open. Your pants are f*cking undone and your hands down your pants,” she says. “It’s humiliating.”

Jon, however, was quick to deny any claims that he was indeed jerking off. During an on-camera interview, he explains he was merely taking care of an itch.

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“I’m in the bedroom, I’m laying down. I’m just laying there…” he pauses, grins, then adds, “Scratching myself. And then Liz thinks I’m masturbating.”

Earlier in the episode, it was revealed that Jon slept with other women during a break in his and Liz’s relationship. And we don’t think their awkward encounter helped the situation—considering Liz admitted that she was “kind of avoiding” him after she was offended by him “scratching himself.”

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And let’s just say Jon does not take being avoided lightly!

“That reminds me of my marriage,” he tells the camera. “When Liz laughs and walks away, it’s like Kate.”

Yikes! We don’t think he means that as a compliment…

Want to decide for yourself? The scene begins around 36 minutes and 15 seconds in!