Nev schulman catfish book

'Catfish' Star Nev
Schulman Is Writing a
Book About Online


"Catfish" isn't just a TV show, it's a verb. And now it's going to be a book.

The show's creator and host Nev Schulman, who was recruited to do the MTV series after he made a movie of the same name, has now become an expert on people who lie about their identities online. The movie was a documentary about Nev's own real experiences falling in love with a woman online who wasn't quite who she claimed to be.

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On MTV, Nev tracks down catfishes with the help of his trusty assistant Max Joseph, but the book will be purely his own doing. Titled In Real Life, it's being touted as a book about how to date in the digital world. It's due out in fall 2014, which means there's plenty of time for Nev and Max to chase down people online for additional inspiration.

"If you're considering getting involved with a stranger on Facebook or elsewhere on the web, you may want to consider putting things on hold until next fall," MTV teased in their announcement about the book.