Kerri kasem

Casey Kasem's Daughter
Outraged At Stepmom
For Reality TV Show


Kerri Kasem, daughter of legendary radio host Casey Kasem, is angry with her stepmother, Jean Kasem, for trying to get onto the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' while her 81-year-old father's health is deteriorating from Parkinson's Disease.

Casey has been ill for some time and his children filed for a conservatorship under suspicion that they did not believe he was adequately being cared for in his home with Jean.

Earlier this week, a Los Angeles judge denied the request for an emergency conservatorship but the family was granted visitation rights to see their sick father.

What upset Casey's daughter Kerri most about the situation, however, was that they previously weren't allowed to visit their dad because their stepmom, Jean, claimed that the visits would be 'intolerable' for Casey.

Kerri is now firing back at her stepmom in a statement to In Touch Weekly, “It has been alleged that visits to see our father would be ‘disruptive’ to his household. I would imagine being in a reality show based on drama, with cameras in your house everyday, would be more disruptive not only to the household but my father’s wellbeing. One month before we were blocked from seeing our Dad, his wife said on camera that she was ‘in talks’ to star in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," says Kerri.

During the conservatorship hearing, a court evaluator determined that the former “American Top 40” host does in fact want to see his children.

In light of these findings the Judge urged attorneys for both sides to put aside the “bad blood” and hammer out a visitation agreement in the coming weeks.

Both sides will meet again in court on December 20th, when the Judge will assign a permanent conservator for the bedridden radio icon.