Taylor swift carrie underwood money

Carrie Underwood vs.
Taylor Swift: Which
Country Queen Made
More Money This Year?


Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are both blonde bombshells with award winning albums, but one country queen made more money than the other this year.

Today, Forbes announced their list of highest-paid country music artists and both ladies came out in the Top 5.

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While Toby Keith found himself in first place with an estimated $65 million in earnings, Taylor, 23, landed the No. 2 spot with an astounding $55 million. Having endorsement deals with Cover Girl, Diet Coke, and Sony, it’s no wonder the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer is bringing home so much dough. Let’s not forget to mention her album Red, which sold 1.2 million copies in the first week of its release and has an accompanying tour currently in production.

Carrie, 30, came in 5th place, following Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, and earning a whopping $31 million this year. Her most recent album, Blown Away, went double platinum and the country star also played over 100 shows within the past year. 

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Back in February, rumors swirled that a feud was brewing between the two singers. However, in an interview with CBS This Morning, Carrie shot down the gossip.

When anchor Gayle King asked Carrie if she was fighting with Taylor, Carrie responded with a dragged out, “No,” adding, “not that I know of, at least.”

It’s safe to say that both ladies are a force to be reckoned with.