Carrie underwood music video two black cadillacs

Carrie Underwood
Debuts Music Video for
"Two Black Cadillacs"

Hell hath no fury like a betrayed Carrie Underwood!

On Jan. 23, the country crooner released the new music video for her single “Two Black Cadillacs”— and it’s every bit as sexy and scandalous as we could have hoped.

In one of her darkest songs to date, the tune details the revenge of a man’s scorned wife and mistress who attend his funeral in…you guessed it…two black Cadillacs.

Stunning in an all-black ensemble, Carrie belts out the third single from her chart-topping Blown Away album, as the video reveals flashbacks of how the cheater eventually ended six feet under.

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And while the 29-year-old American Idol alum is breathtaking (even at a funeral), it’s the tune’s twists and turns that steal the show and eventually let listeners in on a big secret— and a shocking ending!

"It was so fun writing that song," Carrie admitted of the hit. "Obviously people know it's not my life. I try not to overthink it," she insists of her eerie single. "If I had a whole album full of songs like that, it would be like, 'What is she trying to say here?'"

But that’s clearly not the case for the happily married singer, who recently revealed she’s 100% trusting of her husband, Mike Fischer.

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“We’ve seen a lot of celebrities, professional athletes, not exactly always being on their best behavior away from girlfriends, wives, families,” Carrie confessed. “People would say, ‘Do you every worry that he’s an athlete, he’s young, he’s good-looking?’ And I’ve never had to worry about him because I’ve never trusted anybody so completely… He just wouldn’t do that.”

And after seeing her music videos for “Before He Cheats,” “Undo It,” and now “Two Black Cadillacs,” we can’t say we blame him!

Check out her latest below and let us know what you think!