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CaCee Cobb Talks Being
Pregnant With Best
Friend Jessica Simpson

CaCee Cobb and her best friend, Jessica Simpson, are two peas in a pod— so much so that the besties are both flaunting pregnant bellies together!

"Just watching her, I'm in awe because she makes it look easy — but it's not, I can tell!" CayCee recently said of her best friend, who is expecting her second child with fiancĂ© Eric Johnson in July. "It's kind of crazy to see her because she's further along than I am and she's chasing around Maxwell, who just turned 1 and is about to walk any day now."

But CayCee and her husband, Scrubs actor, Donald Faison, aren’t far behind!

PHOTO: Jessica Simpson and Maxwell Spend Quality Time Together Before Baby No. 2

The pair are expecting their first child in August, having found out about the pregnancy only one day after they wed in December.

"Right when we decided we wanted to get married, we realized we wanted to have a baby. We were very lucky, though — we did it all in one weekend," the actor said. "We tried so hard before we got married and it didn't work."

The first-time mommy-to-be interjected: "Well, before you say we tried so hard, there are a lot of people out there that tried really hard," she said. "We just had a sh-tload of sex and it wasn't happening."

NEWS: Pregnant Jessica Simpson's Best Friend, CaCee Cobb, Expecting Baby No. 1
So how did it feel when they finally succeeded?

“It was awesome!” Donald gushes.

And similarly to her best friend Jess, who CayCee says is a “great mom,” the former Price of Beauty star is eager to have a second child— before even having had her first!

“I like being pregnant,” she confesses. “I like the attention, too! I like him waiting on me hand and foot.”