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'I won’t have it in
this house': Bruce
Jenner Yells at Kris
Jenner for Eating
Marijuana-Laced Gummy
Bears on 'KUWTK'


We all know momager Kris Jenner is the real head of the Kardashian/Jenner household.

But, in last night's new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it was Bruce Jenner who took a stand against his estranged wife's latest antics.

"I want that s--t out of the house!" Bruce exclaimed when he walked in on Kris and her mother, MJ Shannon, laughing and devouring a plethora of snacks as a result of eating marijuana-laced gummy bears.

“Well you won’t have to. It’s in here,” M.J. sarcastically said towards Bruce while pointing at her stomach.

Bruce Jenner KUWTK

“Kendall and Kylie aren’t here. I want that out of the house before they get here. Technically it’s an illegal drug. It sets a terrible example for the kids," Bruce angrily told Kris.

It's revealed in the episode that M.J. has been dealing with chronic pain since battling cancer and was prescribed medical marijuana to help ease her discomfort.


"I never thought in a million years I'd be doing this with M.J.," Kris said to the camera.

Earlier, the momager visited a doctor to get the prescription for her mother and, naturally, decided to get a prescription for herself to ease her neck pain.

As well as buying a pipe and several other accessories, Kris also picked up a leopard print bag to carry the substance around (of course).

"The more you put in the more effect you’re going to get,” the shop assistant told Kris when she inquired about using the pipe. “So it’s kind of like coffee?” Kris asked. Nope, we are not making this up.

Watch the video below to see Bruce's full-reaction.