Bruce jenner wedding ring

Bruce Jenner Still
Wearing His Wedding
Ring Despite
Separation From Kris


Kris Jenner hasn't been photographed wearing her wedding rings since August 29, but it appears Bruce Jenner is still attached to his!

The 63-year-old former Olympian was spotted still wearing his gold band on Oct. 9, despite the fact that the couple officially confirmed to E! News that they are separated and living apart after 23 years of marriage.

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"Bruce arrived at the family office in Los Angeles to have a business meeting with Kris,” an eyewitness tells In Touch. “He was still wearing his wedding ring and looked very somber. Kris on the other hand was smiling wide at the cameras and there was no trace of her wedding rings at all.”

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According to the onlooker, Bruce—on the other hand—appeared to be in a bad mood as he left. Bruce appeared to be in a bad mood as he left.

This is a far cry from yesterday, when an onlooked told In Touch that Bruce looked “genuinely happy.”

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Check out what the hosts of VH1’s The Gossip Table—including In Touch’s own contributing senior news editor Noah Levy—think of Bruce’s current situation in the clip below!

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