Bruce jenner laser surgery

Bruce Jenner “Had More
Laser Hair Removal On
His Face” – More
Procedures Revealed!


Shocking new reports revealed that Bruce Jenner had met with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to talk about flattening his Adam’s apple — typically one of the first procedures performed on men seeking gender-reassignment surgery.

And though Bruce insists he is not planning a sex change -- “I never liked my trachea” -- a friend reveals to In Touch another procedure that might leave some wondering: Bruce had laser hair removal—on his face!

 Bruce Jenner Goes Under The Knife… Again.

“He doesn’t even want facial hair,” a Kardashian family insider says in the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. The friend confirms that the 64-year-old has had the treatment “on his stomach, back and face.”

“He’s become obsessive about having a ‘perfect’ appearance,” the pal says of Bruce, who’s also a fan of Botox and adds that “he plans to get extensions because his hair is thinning.”

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A family friend says that the true motivation for the bizarre procedures is pure vanity.  “Bruce has been obsessed with beautifying himself for years,” says the pal. “It’s a by-product of being surrounded by vain women — he likes to be pretty.”

“Maybe Bruce is finally doing what he wants to do,” Kris’ sister Karen Houghton tells In Touch. “He’s been through a lot. As long as people are kind, let them be what they want. I say go for it!”

For more, pick up the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.