Bruce kris jenner tell all

Bruce Jenner: A $15
Million Tell-All: The
Explosive Secrets He
Could Spill!


Kris Jenner has always been the one to call the shots, but Bruce is fed up and finally ready to take control.

In the new issue of In Touch, sources reveal that Bruce is "pissed" that the momager is pushing his daughters Kendall and Kylie too far into the spotlight with A-list romances and racy photo shoots.

“Bruce isn’t interested in playing the image game. He put up with a lot for a long time but now that she’s sinking her teeth into Kendall and Kylie, he’s getting pissed,” a Kardashian family insider tells In Touch.

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If Kris keeps it up, Bruce could fire back by revealing her darkest secrets. “If Bruce opens up about all of the dirt he has on Kris, he could easily get a book advance of $15 million to write a tell-all,” a publishing insider reveals to In Touch.

So what secrets could Bruce reveal? O.J. Simpson’s manager, Norman Pardo, tells In Touch that Kris spent years partying hard with his client and reveals that “Kris was known for having a good time. O.J. says there was a lot of partying going on back then. O.J. always says, ‘[There was] a lot of ecstasy.’”

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Bruce would have been front and center to witness Kris’ allegedly wild ways. Kris and Bruce and O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson were nearly inseparable. Pardo also revealed the true reason Kris married Bruce. “She just wanted to be a celebrity,” he tells the mag, claiming that Kris was jealous of Nicole’s marriage to O.J. and desperately wanted to land a professional athlete of her own. “That was Kris’ whole thing.”

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Even Kris’ sister Karen Houghton — who’s described Bruce as “a phenomenal brother-in-law” — knows he has the upper hand now. “The divorce for Bruce is about both revenge and money,” Karen tells In Touch. “He’s worth a lot and is now looking back at his life and thinking, ‘What was I doing? Why did I put up with this for so long?’”

For more on the secrets Bruce could spill, pick up the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.

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